The Olive Paris Club is a new fun way to be introduced to new Olive Oils  and Basalmics from around the world. Open your kitchen to a healthier way to cook all of your favorites and some of your new favorites. 

Every other month you'll get an Olive Paris Club box delivered to your doorstep any where in the nation,  that will include:

 - 1 medium (375 Ml) bottle of Olive Oil

 - 1 medium (375 ml) bottle of Basalmic Vinegar 

 - recipe for use of that month's selection of Olive Oil and Vinegar

 - special surprise gifts from Olive Paris....could be anything! 

 - Total Value between $60 -$100 per box!

 - Shipping months - Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr, June, Aug

For only $55 per Bi-Monthly,  You can also buy it as a gift and have it mailed to your loved one every other month! Each time, the membership fee will be charged to your credit card or debit card. Cancel anytime with a 30 day notice. To sign up fill out the form to the right!

Welcome to the club!